Etac Utensils and Cutlery


Etac Utensils and Cutlery

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Product Description

Relieve Knives – Angles

These knives are intended mainly for people with weakened joints. The angled handle means the hand joints are not loaded incorrectly or painfully. A straight wrist, and hence a power grip, can be used. The knives are available in three versions: one for normal-sized hands, one for small or children’s hands and one folding knife that is easy to carry.

Light Cutlery with light, thick handles

This cutlery is intended mainly for people with joint problems. The thick, light handles are kind to the joints and relieve the strain on the fingers. The cutlery is easy to grip and has effective utensil parts, i.e. a sharp edge on the knife and a somewhat deeper bowl on the spoon.


Item Note RRP
Light Fork Thick handle 30.95
Light Spoon Thick handle 30.95
Light Knife Thick handle 30.95
Light Dessert Spoon Thick handle 30.95
Angled Spoon Left or right 28.95
Cheese Slicer 35.95
Angled Knives ..from 28.95

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